When Big Data meets Artificial intelligence we have the super power to create the future of digitalization. Using multiple technologies like – Advanced Data analysis, Data Fusion, simulation, optimization, Machine Learning and Deep Learning - we work passionately to enable innovations for our customers. We have done so since 2000.


Together we have many years of experience in combining academic knowledge with business values - Scientific knowledge for business solutions.

Future advanced AI solutions requires a technical team of superheroes who understands how to distill the parameters required for smart applications. Savantic deliver such services, built on the expertise, commitment and knowledge of the industry. Here you get something so unique as 17 PhD physicist and Computer Scientists in the same place - a pragmatic development and research department with a focus on sustainable development.


We like technology – test it, learn it and create applications in a commercially sustainable way. We have our own algorithm lab, SAVIA, where we test, implement and program great solutions for our customers.


We see it as our mission to keep the knowledge of the latest research up to date. We do this in order to present future-proof solutions for our customers. Our connection to the academia gives us the tools and methods we need to be able to carry out advanced calculations and advanced technology projects at the absolute top level.


We see the partnership with our customers as a process of trust. We recognize that the massive investment that is at stake, you as a customer can feel confident that we create long-term solutions that can evolve over time.