Savantic Achievements


Tomas Ekman, AGA

– Actually it was one of our clients who first suggested that AGA should make further developments to the code used for controlling the large furnaces, says Tomas Ekman, development engineer at AGA AB.

Vattenfall logo

Savantic are involved in a unique development project, together with Forsmark Kraftgrupp, resulting in a tool that optimises the fuel economy of nuclear power plants. Forsmark are very happy with Savantic's work and the results of using the tool have surpassed all expectations. 

SL logo

Savantic were commisssioned by SL to investigate trespassing alarms, which has led to giving Trafikförvaltningen a better view of the safety conditions around the Metro tracks. This, in turn, has led to the County Council deciding on introducing platform doors in the Stockholm Metro.

Tobii logo

Savantic are working together with Tobii in several projects in the fields of image analysis and eye tracking. For a number of years, we have provided Tobii with the advanced competence consultants their projects need.

Scibase logo

For Scibase, Savantic developed a classifier of measurements of the impedance of human skin. This is used for determining if a mole is benign or a malign. The classifier consists of several algorithms, of which some has become patents.

Flir Systems logo

Savantic have been working together with Flir on several occations as we have developed software for image analysis for the company. Savantic have been involved in working with both industrial as well as military applications.


Savantic have been working together with Elekta in developing and improving Gamma knives for radio surgery. The project was a joint research effort between Savantic and Elekta. Savantic helped to introduce Monte-Carlo simulations as a tool of simulating radiation fields.