Hot technology trends 2018

Consumers expect our interaction with the technology to be through our tone of voice, facial expression and body language. The headphones will never go off, not even at night when we sleep. According to Ericsson's annual ConsumerLab[1] trend report, which is the seventh in a row, 10 hot consumer trends were announced for 2018 and beyond.

  1. Your body becomes a new interface - More than half of all respondents believe that body language will replace voice for services like Intelligent Assistance (AI assistance).
  2. Augmented Hearing - Nearly 2/3 of respondents believe in real-time language translation in the headphones. Just like the fish in the ear of the "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams[2].
  3. The Eternal Beginners - Nearly 1/3 believe that new technology will make their knowledge out of date while being quick to become an expert in new areas.
  4. Social Broadcasting means that social media will take over traditional television and that AI is used to control facts in social television broadcasts.
  5. Intelligent advertising will probably be too smart for its own best. With AR and VR, the advertisement will become so realistic that it replaces the need for the product itself.
  6. Spooky to communicate, half of the respondents think that when you can no longer make a difference if you talk to a human or a machine. A little less than half think it's scary that the phone can respond to your mood.
  7. The leisure socity will grow with new AI technology when you no longer have to work to get the job done because it can be done by robots instead.
  8. Your photo can be a space that you can enter, feel, smell and relive memories from the past. Many believe this is only five years away from now.
  9. Roads in the air are something that many want to see as a solution to the large traffic problems, while recognizing that this can cause problems as such. The traffic situation in cities must be resolved and action taken with new technology for help is a must[3].
  10.  Most people think that higher capacity batteries are a must if we are to discontinue the charge-dilemma we have today.

As you read this solid report, you realize that it is not just a technique that is required to enable this smorgasbord of services. It is quite clear that data from individuals, their behavior, history what we like, what we would like to be, we have been somewhere and want to come back to with certainty will be collected for this to work.

Obviously, this data collection is already happening and will continue. Data is a raw material that needs refinement and refinement to provide you with the right service. We at Savantic[4] believes that data and modeling of data is the reason why technologies such as AI, VR, AR and Deep Learning will work. It is modeling data using advanced algorithms that will provide us withThe leisure society, Your photo from the past or Social Broadcasting - "Fake News" censorship where AI is the key to make these services becoming reality.

Data and data modeling is the key to building the future as reflected in Ericsson's report with 10 influential cities and 30 million residents represented.






Published: 13/12/2017