In order to be able to deliver research knowledge for business solutions, you need more than just a PhD. It requires dedication to research and the methods and principles that research work is based upon. In addition, we need to understand the challenges of using research knowledge in business. Savantic knows that this knowledge makes a world of difference when it comes to problem solving. Keeping that knowledge up to date and on a cutting edge level is one of our top priorities. This is why our internal Research Days take place twice a year, spring and fall. The Research Days is when all our consultants take part to contribute to work within all our fields of research.

We also carry out a number of external research projects where we take part as resources or supervising students and doctoral students.

Research Days

Savantic’s Research Days span six days every year, covering one three day mini-project in the spring and another in the fall. All Savantic employees who are able to take part gather at the Savantic office to work on one subject, prepared by a team of co-workers.


The purpose of SAMS-Mistra is to deepen the knowledge of specific innovations for accessibility services and new combinations of such innovations, pertaining to their technical configurations (including pilot testing), institutional conditions and user perspective.


Savantic is participating in a Horizon 2020 and Marie Curie Sklodowska Action project, BIG 4.


Savanda is Savantic’s respiratory belt and game for children. The belt, intended to be used in healthcare environments, is based on open-source software and the belt itself is made from material easily available on the consumer market.