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Fossil free Sweden

The Swedish government has initiated a project for making Sweden the World’s first fossil free welfare country. The project was initiated as a starting point of COP21 in Paris that took place in December of 2015. The participants that have been invited represent many parts of Swedish society, to show that there is profound support in Sweden to work with environmental issues. By signing the declaration for fossil free Sweden, businesses, authorities and organisations now take part in UNs Action Agenda initiative. Action Agenda wants to show the world how different actors in society can contribute to change.

Fossilfritt Sverige

Savantic has signed the Swedish government’s Fossil Free Sweden declaration. We are very dedicated to working with the improvement of the environment and we follow with great interest the way environmental technology is being discussed, debated and developed. As researchers, we realised early on that innovation and technology advancement are key factors in finding new ways. The need for new technology solutions will drive development and become economically beneficial to all of society. For Sweden, this is a unique opportunity to become world leader in this field. We are amazingly good at innovation and problem solving – and at Savantic we want to contribute to, by helping our customer to develop and implement new technologies.


Published: 16/11/2016