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Savantic to participate in new research project

Savantic will be participating in a completely new research project concerning digitalisation for fossil free mobility in Sweden. The project is headed by KTH Royal Institute of Technology and aims at resulting in new mobile services for people travelling in the Stockholm area.

With the help of new and unique methods, people travelling in and around Stockholm will receive better and more informed details about traffic situations. The service will provide digitalised advice, based on large amounts of data and accumulated experience. This will increase accessibility and decrease travel times without the need to increase the system’s capacity.

Savantics role is to develop the intelligence needed for making it possible to analyse large amounts of data, to learn from experience and to give relevant route suggestions. With the help of Data Science and Machine Learning methods, like Deep Learning, Savantic will be able to create new, unique algorithms to analyse and predict traffic situations in the Stockholm area.

Digitalisering för fossilfri mobilitet

Published in August 2016.

Published: 05/11/2016